There’s wide fitting and then there’s Cosyfeet!

Specially designed to fit and flatter swollen feet, our footwear is much roomier than the wide fitting footwear you’ll find on the high street.

All our styles have the same extra roomy fitting (6E for women and 3H for men) and can be adjusted to fit a range of swelling.

Which style of shoe is right for me?

All our footwear is extra roomy and is designed to fit swollen feet. However, some of our styles are more suitable for certain foot conditions than others.

For example, some have a deep toe box so they’re good for problem toes. Others maybe be more suitable for bunions or have a removable footbed so you can insert your own orthotic.

Our Extra Roomy Footwear

Cosyfeet footwear is probably the widest, deepest and roomiest you can buy. All our styles are made with an extra-wide fitting of 6E for women and 3H for men.

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