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For people who are physically unable, Veigel offers a wide range of steering and hand controls for cars that combine ergonomic design with driving enjoyment. Their goods all satisfy the highest quality standards and only vary in terms of how simple they are to use and install. Using their hand controls, you may use your fingertips to access both the primary and secondary functions of your car.

Veigel Steering Aids

Veigel steering aids assist you in maintaining control of your car at all times. Both the right hand control and the right steering aid are crucial. You will be able to drive safely and comfortably once the steering assistance has been appropriately tailored to your individual requirements.

L.T.C Mobility Vehicle Adaption

We offer an extensive range of vehicle adaption to allow you to function in your vehicle with little effort. Contact us today and our expert team will be able to match you with the perfect products.


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