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For drivers with disabilities, Jeff Gosling Hand Controls manufactures the best products for any vehicle make or model. For more than 20 years, they have been producing a variety of items for vehicle adaption, including  hand controls, steering assistance, transfer plates, left foot accelerators, and more.

Hand Controls

Jeff Gosling created their industry-leading hand control for drivers who are unable to use the foot pedals. With this modification, the driver can use a push/pull single lever to manually operate the brake and accelerator. Their hand controls provide the driver with unparalleled smooth and responsive operation with almost no resistance thanks to high-quality tubing, mirror-polished precision parts, and axial roller bearings. The end result is a light hand control that mimics the genuine pedal sensation.

Steering Aids

This modification, which was created to facilitate one-handed steering, also helps drivers with weak arms or shoulders and lessens the force needed to steer. A left foot accelerator as well as hand controls or other steering aids may be employed. Take a look at the selected range below to find the perfect match and more information.


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