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Four Reasons To Buy An Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchair in the countryside

Electric wheelchairs provide a whole host of benefits to users varying from independence to comfort. As technology advances, so does the functionality and utility of electric mobility devices. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of reasons to buy a modern, electric wheelchair, to help you make the best decision for your situation.

Independent Electric Wheelchair Movement

One of the best reasons to purchase an electric wheelchair is the newfound independence it brings. The ability to traverse a variety of terrains for extended periods of time, with very little physical exertion, is invaluable to those of us with disabilities. The batteries in these mobility devices can last for a long time. What’s more, the low centre of gravity and quality tyres means that the days of being restricted by your movement abilities in a manually operated wheelchair are no longer a problem.

Comfort & Elevation

A lot of electric wheelchairs are designed with additional features that help those with comfort difficulties in standard chairs. Features such as recliners that combine leg elevation mean one of the greatest reasons to purchase one of these mobility devices is to improve your comfort whilst travelling. If you’re using this every day, this is a priority you should keep in mind at all times when considering a replacement.

Ease Of Use

As if you didn’t need any more reasons to invest in an electric wheelchair, they’re now easier to use than ever before. What’s more, there’s a variety of different operating systems. If you have mobility issues that mean using both your arms isn’t an options, there are a range of joystick electric wheelchairs to make movement more simple and streamlined.

Electric Wheelchair Suspension

Another great feature of electric wheelchairs is the introduction of suspension to newer models. This provides several benefits. Not only can you venture down pathways that are usually inaccessible by standard wheelchairs, but you can do so in comfort too. Suspension would be a hindrance to a manual chair and would make movement harder work. With an electric mobility device, you can implement springs and absorbers to make movement more pleasant without sacrificing physical exertion.

Get In Touch With LTC Mobility For Electric Wheelchairs

If you’re looking for quality electric wheelchairs, then look no further than LTC Mobility. We have a wide range of fantastic products and expert team members to guarantee you’ll receive advice on a great product from informed advisors. To find out more, get in touch with us today.


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