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Standard comfort features like swing-out storage compartments are included with the Go Chair. On the back, there is an accessory mount where you may attach anything else you might need, such a cane holder or an oxygen holder, for your upcoming trip.

This electric wheelchair has an innovative feather-touch disassembly feature that is popular in our mobility scooters and has been utilised to make it more portable. Remove the little foldable seat in a few easy steps, then use one release lever to separate the front and back portions, and you’re ready to go! The lightest element weighs only 16 kg.



  • Weight capacity 21st 6 lbs (136 kg)
  • Max. speed 3.8 mph (6 km/h)
  • Turning radius 648 mm (33″)
  • Length 842 mm (33″)
  • Width 575 mm (22.5″)
  • Tires 229 mm (9″) – Solid Tyres
  • Heaviest Piece when disassembled 16.5 kg
  • Drive system Two motor, rear-wheel drive
  • Dual Braking System Intelligent brakes (electronic regenerative, disc park brake)
  • Batteries 2 x 18 Ah, 12 volt
  • Charger 2-amp, off-board


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