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‘- Dual and Single motor models available for quick delivery
– Adjustable, supportive and comfortable Waterfall cushion back
– Two seat size options allow for the perfect fit
– Allows user to safely, quickly and easily sit and stand
– A range of luxurious fabrics including the easy clean leatherette


Kingsley rise and recliner chair combines exceptional comfort with great design, guaranteeing highly supportive
seating with fully adjustable three-cushion waterfall back, generous layers of foam and a multiple sprung base.
It comes with two seat sizes to give the perfect fit for the user. Smooth and quiet motors from both the single
and dual motor models allow safe and easy standing and sitting. The dual motor mechanism enables the user
to control backrest and footrest independently. Designed with full powerlift facility to assist suffers of poor
circulation, arthritis, rheumatism and other movement restrictions. The simple-to-use hand controller provides
a user-friendly experience which is made even easier with changeable left or right-handed use. Located on each
side of the chair are large pockets which are perfect for storage and safekeeping. Kingsley offers a wide selection of
fabrics, including the easy clean leatherette, giving you more choice and variety to suit your style. Seat covers are
also removable and replaceable, this allows for ease of mind when accidents or spills occur. The complete Kingsley
collection is available for express delivery in both standard and compact size chairs, in seven luxurious fabrics


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