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Lodgeson M200 Canbus Module

The R200 system allows people with restricted mobility to steer the wheel and operate the secondary functions of a car safely with one hand. Simply pressing a button activates the required function e.g. horn, indicators, lights etc.


The M200 can be used with a variety of different hand controls and eliminates the need to remove the steering wheel, airbag and switchgear, and the need to perform risky & complex modifications.

As such it significantly reduces installation time and labour, and prevents the customer’s vehicle from being off the road for lengthy periods of time.

It is available for both CANbus and relay vehicles.

  • Hard wired
  • CANbus “easyfit” systems available – only 5/6 wires to install or simply plugs in
  • Can be used with various switches

Available configurations:

  • Indicators, lights (dip/main & flash) & horn (CANbus vehicles only)
  • Indicators, lights (dip/main & flash), horn, front & rear wipers



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