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Bellavita NOVA Bathlift

The Bellavita NOVA offers superb comfort for an enhanced bathing experience, in a product which is easy to install, very reliable and provides a safe and convenient way to support the continued use of your bath. Designed, developed and manufactured by our bathlift experts in Germany, the bathlift offers several new exciting patented features. It contains a patented removable backrest which can be taken out by a carer when the bathlift is in its lowest position to maximise bath space, user comfort and water immersion.


Features a patented removable backrest which can be taken out by a carer when the bathlift is in its lowest position to maximise bath space, user comfort and water immersion.
A patented dual column ensures optimum stability when rising and lowering across the full height range, and excellent stability for transfers on and off the bathlift
At the touch of a button, the Bellavita NOVA gently lowers users down to the bottom of the bath. After bathing and relaxation, the bathlift smoothly raises the user back to the top to enable a safe exit
The backrest reclines to an incredible maximum angle of 50 degrees, operated easily by the hand control and enabling the user to relax in comfort
A front cut out in the seat improves access and comfort for washing and personal hygiene
Supports a maximum user weight of 170kg (26.7st)
Very low seat height of 6.5cm (2.5”) from bottom of bath for maximum water immersion, ideal for shallow baths
A high seat height of 48cm (19”) enabling easy and safe transfers in and out of the bath. No need for height adapters.
An ergonomically designed backrest for lumbar support and added comfort
At 9.5kg without the handset (9.9kg with the handset) the Bellavita NOVA is very lightweight making it easy to install and remove from the bath
The Bellavita NOVA separates easily and quickly into two lightweight sections for ease of fitting/removal, storage and transportation
The backrest includes an ergonomically designed handle to support removal of the backrest when in use and make installation and transportation easier and safer
Contoured, slim-line profile gives a modern, aesthetically pleasing appearance to suit most bathrooms
Four patented 3D suction feet to enhance fitting to the bath tub, maximising adhesion, stability and safety
The front two are self-venting and flexible, enabling easier installation and removal of the bathlift
Lightweight, waterproof and floatable handset with colour coded buttons is easily operated (Both the handset and motor are IP X7 rated)
Hand control recharges quickly for convenience and multiple use environments
An indicator light notifies users when the handset needs charging. The bathlift has a built in safety feature which prevents the bathlift from lowering down if there is not sufficient charge to return the bathlift seat back to the top of the bath
Emergency stop button is incorporated into hand control for safety
Lightweight plastic frame is easy to clean, with smooth surfaces and fits into most baths easily
Can be used with or without covers; washable hygienic covers are easily fitted/removed and provide comfort when bathing (available in white or blue)
Wide range of optional accessories; including covers, wider side flaps, turning and transfer aids, side flap deflectors, and a lap belt and chest strap.
Shares a number of parts and accessories with the original Bellavita bathlift

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